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Saw Cutting

High Quality Stainless Steel Saw Cutting
The process of cutting stainless steel plate with a saw varies depending on the thickness of the plate and the final shape that is being cut from the plate. It is a more labor intensive process, and is not the most economical method, even though it is sometimes necessary and requested.

Bandsaw cutting is used for rectangle shapes and bars while Friction or Contour Saw cutting is used for circles and other irregular shapes. Also, saw cutting is used for long strips and larger quantities of rectangle and square shapes where the application can not tolerate even a minimal heat-affected zone.

Saw cutting is a necessary process as it can cut any gauge of stainless and offers very low heat affected zones. The processes can be slower however, and that can affect turnaround and delivery times.

High Quality Stainless Steel Saw Cut discs, flanges, plates and shapes
One Process Does Not Fit All
In some cases, it makes sense to use multiple processes. As an integrated processor we have the ability to use multiple methods to produce the best result without the additional cost and delay of sending jobs out for secondary operations.


Process Comparison

Process Max. Gauge Cut
Heat Affected Zone
Machine Cut Any
Nitrogen Plasma 3"
Argon Plasma 6 1/2"
HD Plasma 6"
Water Jet Any
Saw Cut Any
Bevel Cut Any

Depending on the finish dimensions, type, gauge and intended use, there are usually a number of ways to produce any given part or shape. Each method has its advantages and our experienced sales team is ready to help you select the cutting option with the best quality, delivery and overall value for your application.

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